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I receive so much support from my woolly community, and I appreciate every purchase of an ePattern, eBook or eWorkshop!

Many people have suggested that they would like to support me in other ways, and here are a few ways to do that. Thank you – your support is very much appreciated, and it helps me and my small family a great deal.

Patreon is great for creatives and supporters alike! Patreon’s format of small, monthly pledges delivers a stable, steady income without asking too much of you as a supporter.

If you want to say thanks for a free ePattern or eTutorial, donations can be made through PayPal, much like a tip jar. You can tip in your preferred currency, too. PayPal makes donating quick and easy.

Another quick and easy way to thanks for a freebie, or to drop something in the tip jar, is with Ko-fi. Ko-fi doesn’t take a fee and the minimum donation is $3, and recurring payments can be made.

I’m a member of the LoveCrafts affiliates program. I earn a small percentage on any sales made via the links found on this website that go to LoveCrafts, without costing you anything extra.

Having lived in a double-decker bus for 11 years, we’ve now found ourselves a new home! If you’d like to welcome us to our next chapter, you can find our Gift & Wish lists on this Go Fund Me page. You can also donate on this page.

The gift of a book is always appreciated and it’s a great way to support me and my work! You can browse my Amazon Wishlist for books that I’d like to own, and view the contents of my bookshelves on Library Thing.