Community Pattern Fund


Knitters are often asking how they can support me in providing more free material, and the The Community Pattern Fund helps me provide limited quantities of new premium patterns, eBooks or workshops at free or heavily discounted rates to knitters with limited budgets.

The premise is simple – by purchasing this Pay-It-Forward product for $5 you are helping me provide more ePatterns, eBooks or eWorkshops to folks who can’t afford to buy them right now.

All Community Pattern Fund purchases are converted to credits. Simply purchase as many as you are able – it doesn’t matter how many, every purchase helps! – and I’ll convert them to credits when a new release is available as follows:

1 x $5 = half a premium ePattern;
2 x $5 = one premium ePattern;
5 x $5 = one premium eBook;
10 x $5 = one premium $50 workshop;
15 x $5 = one premium $75 workshop

By using this system via my website I can easily keep track of how many units have been purchased, which allows me to readily convert those units to credits with minimal admin.

As new eBooks, ePatterns or eWorkshops are released, I’ll set up specific coupon codes that allow folks to access the premium content for free, and those codes will be made exclusively available via The Woolly Hat Society. The number of free units available will exactly match the number of credits purchased, based on the formula outlined above.

If you wish to help me provide more forever free ePatterns and eTutorials, my Patreon has been set up just for this!

Thanks again for your support!

Pay It Forward with the Community Pattern Fund

Thank you for your continued support in helping me make my patterns, eBooks and workshops available to more people!

If you’re looking for a way to help me provide more forever free ePatterns and eTutorials, can I suggest Patreon?


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