privacy policy

From my mailing list to pattern sales, all services are provided by third-party services. As a rule, the third-party providers used on this website will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to provide their relevant services. Each has their own privacy policy and you can find this information linked below:

Mailing List – The Woolly Hat Society

This is provided by FloDesk, and you can read their privacy policy here.
I do not receive any details from FloDesk when users subscribe or unsubscribe. However, as FloDesk stores the data that you provide when you subscribe, I have access to it. Sign-ups to The Woolly Hat Society are voluntary, you are never signed up, and there’s a double opt-in system in place to ensure you wish to join and that your email address is correct.

Pattern & eBook sales – the shopping cart

This is provided by Payhip and you can read their privacy policy here.
Payhip stores your email address, and I have access to this sales information. I do not receive copies of the download emails and may need to use the records stored on Payhip should an issue with download delivery occur.

Payments and transactions

All payments are processed either through PayPal, you can read their privacy policy here, or Stripe and you can read their privacy policy here.
I have limited access to the stored data with each payment processor and should an issue occur, such as a need for an exchange or refund, then I will need to consult my PayPal or Stripe records. The data I have access to is the amount paid and your email address; Stripe doesn’t store your card details and I do not have access to any of your Paypal account details.

Accounting and VAT

My accountant is Xolo and you can read their privacy policy here.
For digital VAT and accounting purposes, my accounting service needs to collect and store your email address and country location to ensure the correct amount of tax is paid to the Estonian and relevant European authorities. I do not have access to the data stored by my accounting service or the tax authorities.

Comments and blog posts

This website is built and hosted by SquareSpace and you can read their privacy policy here.
I do receive an email for each comment left on my blog and they are usually deleted; comments are stored with SquareSpace. SquareSpace also provide me with basic website analytics, such as popular content and traffic referrers. Besides URLs of referrers, I receive no personal details.

Contact form and direct email

When you get in touch with me you are required to provide your name and email address so that I can reply to you. Generally I do store these emails within my own email provider so that I have a record of our discussion should you get in touch again about an issue, or should there be a need for me to act or make amendments to any information within a pattern, book, or on this website. These emails are never shared and your details remain private.


Payhip (the shopping cart), FloDesk (the mailing list provider), PayPal and Stripe (the payment processors), and SquareSpace (website host) all use cookies for their needs – they remember whether you’ve left a comment before or or have an item in your shopping cart. These can be deleted as per your request via your browser.

Other Outlets

My patterns are also available from Ravelry, Etsy, Loveknitting and The Makerist. Click each link to view their privacy policies.