Indeedy, it’s that time of year when I offer a huge discount across ALL of my products – digital pattern, eBooks and online workshops – to kick start your knitting year and say thanks for your support throughout 2022.

Use code HatLessNotMe to get 25% discount until midnight CET 31st January 2023. The code can be used on Etsy, Payhip, Ravelry and Teachable, as well as this website.

If you’ve ever wondered why I ask you not to share exclusive codes, or why they’re time limited, the Yarn Database wrote a great article about the ins and outs of the running a sale as a small business. It’s worth a read, and honestly their whole website is worth a visit!

And don’t forget, as I’m a VAT registered publisher, you won’t have any VAT added if you shop at Payhip, Teachable, my website or Ravelry (as a publisher most of my products are zero-rated or tax exempt, so I’m not out of pocket either). And if you shop on Payhip or my website, you won’t pay any GST or sales tax! So you don’t need to pay any extra based upon where you happen to live. Which is something that’s pretty important to me.

(but Etsy will add *all* the taxes, and Ravelry will add GST. It’s messy, I know. I’d really like it if they didn’t, but these are out of my control.)

Have fun shopping!