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Once the graft is finished, finishing a sideways Hat isn’t a lot different to finishing a bottom-up Hat – you’ll be left with a small circle at the top that needs closing. How big that hole is depends on your gauge, how many panels you’ve worked and how many ridges feed into the crown. The method of closing is the same every time.


1) As you come to finish your graft, if one needle has one stitch less than the other, use one of the adjacent ridges from the crown stitches as the final stitch.


2) Once your graft is finished, you’ll have a small hole at the top of your Hat, depending on how many ridges were worked.


3) Keeping the remaining yarn on your needle, thread your needle through each of the selvedge ridges.


4) Continue until all of the ridges have been caught on the yarn.


5) Gently pull the yarn tail to draw the ridges together – this is very similar to how you would close the top of a bottom up Hat.


6) And your crown is now finished! Weave in all of the ends on the wrong side and block as desired.


If you’ve a question about this technique, pop it in a comment below or visit the forum! I’m unable to offer help with patterns or techniques via email.