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This is a glorious technique that creates a two colour ribbing – perfect for stranded knits or anywhere where you’d like to add a pop of colour.

This tutorial is based on the two-handed method of working stranded knitting, whereby the left hand is worked Continental (picking) style and the right hand is worked English (throwing) style; the knit stitches are worked with the left hand, the purl stitches with the right. If you’re not familiar with this method, please check that tutorial first.

This tutorial was written to support my Imperceptions collection, and is used in conjunction with the Alternate Cable cast-on.


1) In the Imperceptions collection, each pattern uses Yarn A for the knits in the rib, and Yarn B for the purls.


2) Insert the needle knitwise to start the Continental knit stitch.


3) Pick the yarn and pull it through then drop the stitch off the needle – the knit stitch in Yarn A has been worked.


4) To work the purl stitch in Yarn B, we need to bring Yarn B forward first. Then insert the needle purlwise into the next stitch.


5) Wrap the yarn purlwise and pull it through to create the purl stitch – this stitch is worked with the English method.


6) Before moving onto the next knit stitch in Yarn A, Yarn B needs to be taken to the back of the work – this ensures that any floats in Yarn B are on the wrong side of the work. Repeat steps 2 to 5 all the way around.


If you’ve a question about this technique, pop it in a comment below or visit the forum! I’m unable to offer help with patterns or techniques via email.