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Seaming two edges of garter stitch can be done easily and invisibly – perfect for closing the top of a sideways garter stitch Hat. Even compared to working garter stitch in the round, I prefer to work flat then seam, as it’s so much neater.


1) Take the yarn tail across to the opposite side of the work, through the first ridge. If you have no yarn tail then join the yarn and take it through the bottom edge stitch of piece to be joined.


2) Then take the yarn through the next lower ridge on the opposite side, going from bottom to top.


3) Do the same on the corresponding stitch on the other side – take the yarn up through the lower ridge of the edge stitch.


4) Continue in this manner, repeating steps 2 and 3, until all the edge stitches have been joined and the fabric is seamed. You can work several edge stitches at a time, which can speed things up. Gently tighten the yarn (either as you go, or at the end) and the stitches will come together neatly and form an invisible seam. Finish as desired at the end of the seam and weave in all ends.


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