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Slipped stitch columns are striking and decorative when used against a background of garter stitch, and they are also a useful technique; used next to the start of the round, and they will hide the jog that occurs with garter stitch worked in the round. Use them on two colour garter stitch to have the main colour travelling across the pattern. They provide structural support, too, as the slipped stitch is always a little tighter than the rest of the fabric.

Slipped stitches on garter stitch in the round are always created on the purl rounds. On the knit rounds they can be knit as usual, or twisted for a more decorative or structural effect.

To create a slipped stitch on garter stitch worked flat, you would work the slip stitch on the wrong side rows, and you would bring the yarn forward before slipping, and taking it back again afterwards to continue knitting.


1) Purl until where you wish to place the slipped stitch


2) Take the yarn to the back


3) With the yarn at the back, insert the needle into the stitch that will be slipped purl-wise – this is done to maintain the stitch’s orientation


4) Slip the stitch purl-wise to the right hand needle


5) Then bring the yarn around to the front again ready to work the next stitch


6) Continue purling until the end of the round of until another slipped stitch is required. On the knit rounds the slipped stitches will be knit as normal, or they could be twisted if you’re working at a loose gauge and wish to stop the slipped stitches sagging, or if you want a tighter decorative effect on the fabric.


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