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I’ve never really thought about writing tutorials for common decreases, at least not in how to do them (I’ve lots of thoughts about placement and stacking and more – maybe I should do those too!) But we recorded a couple of short videos recently for the K2tog and SSK and I figured a photo tutorial was probably a good idea, too. So here’s the K2tog!


1) Knit up to the point where the pattern indicates you’ll want to make a K2tog. In this example the decreases are stacked, which means they occur at the same place, and they create this visible line.


2) Insert your needle tip knitwise into the next 2 stitches together


3) Wrap your yarn around the needle as you would a knit stitch


4) And pull the loop through to finish the new stitch – one K2tog decrease has been worked!


If you’ve a question about this technique, pop it in a comment below or visit the forum! I’m unable to help with patterns or techniques via email.

The photos in this post were updated on 31/1/2021.