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The Alternate Cable Cast-on is another firm favourite!

It’s an incredibly quick ribbed cast-on that’s also very versatile. It’s based on the Cable Cast-on and Backwards Purl cast-on and is the method I recommend the most for ribbed Hats.


1) The alternate cable cast-on starts in exactly the same way as the cable cast-on: start with a slip knot on your left working needle.


2) (first stitch only) Insert the right needle behind the stitch knitwise and wrap yarn round needle to create a knit stitch.


3) Pull the yarn through as you create the new stitch.


4) And then place the new stitch back onto the left working needle.


5) Next, insert the needle behind the previous stitch (that is, between the previous stitch and the one before it) purlwise.


6) Wrap the yarn around the needle to create the next stitch.


7) Pull the loop through and place it onto the needle – you have just created a purl stitch.


8) Then we want to create a knit stitch – place the needle behind the previous stitch and wrap the yarn. Pull the loop through and place it up onto the needle – the next knit stitch is created.


9) Repeat steps 5 to 8, creating alternate knit and purl stitches, until you have the desired number of stitches. As you need an even number of stitches for 1 by 1 rib, you’ll end after a knit stitch.

You can see in the photo above that you have created bumps and dips, which is the desired result.


As always, if you have a question about this technique or need some help with it, leave a comment below! I’m afraid I’m unable to offer help via email or private message, but you’re welcome to post in our forums.

The photos in this post were updated on 29 August, 2020.